How to use the platform

Modic Investment

There are some stipulations for the use of the platform at the present moment. And this will be outlines below with also how to use the platform.

  1.  All Accruals are made according to the Masternode(s) ROI and can be seen on the dashboard.
  2. The minimum required number of coins (for accrual) is 250 modic coins invested. the number of coins added are then frozen in the investment status, if a user decides to interrupt (taken out of the investment platform before the chosen time frame has ened, they will not receive any accrued amounts.
  3. Withdraws typically take 1 hour to process.
  4. There are more investment plans connected, but for now there is only one “overday 1.2%”) via the Invest button while testing phase is completed.

How to use the platform

  1. Go to
  2. Enter you mobile number starting with the country code.Ba8c Tmp
  3. Click on the send code button
  4. Enter the code you receive via SMS. And click the Sign In button.

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  5. Once you have signed in you will then see the Dashboard with all your relevant information.D0a6 Tmp
  6. Once you have deposited funds onto the platform, using the deposit address shown for your account, you will then be able to press the invest button and add to your investment amount your have.Cd51 Tmp
  7. This screen shows you the current plans available and the amount you can add. (remembering the minimum is 250 modic coins)
  8. Once you click invest on this screen you will see the sum added, the plan, the start and end dates as well as the amount you will receive back at the end of this time.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to use the platform and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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